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The Eternal Lyrics - Singles - Pagan Lorn

Midmost in the firestream 

I live in an anxious way 

Trying to give birth to 

The child of my redemption 

But too calm I am 

Too unreal I feel 

Constant alienation 

Is the result of my abstinence 

Once I was the cyclone - Once I was this god 

Once I was the one - Screwing you around 

Consuming your immunity - The truth in your lies 

The sadness in your ecstasy 

The love in your mouth 

Once I was true - Once I was pure 

Once I was you - Now just a duplicate of myself 

Lives in your world 

Hiding myself 

Behind these words 

Your blood still flows in me 

Your love still lives in me 

Your hand still covers me 

Your pride I wanna be 

Why does it matter now 

It will end someday, somehow 

This silence I can not bear 

This dwelling I can not bear 

This warfare of hellish rage 

Walls of a remaining cage 

Pieces of dust and respect 

Hounting through my head 

What is wrong with you 

Are you sightless too 

Tell me what to do 

When I look at you 

Give me your moon 

To shine in my room 

I have been dead for so long 

That any sensation has gone 

I know if I could 

That I certainly would 

Know what turns eternally 

Into infernally 

I am my end 

I am the rock I will crack on 

I am eternal without comeback 

I am forever, no come back 

And like a brave old soldier 

I stand up and accept that 

Someone capitulates for me 

I accept your judgement over my difference 

My childish eyes have turned into 

Black holes a long time ago 

My thoughts have turned into infliction 

Many years before 

But I know that time and 

Knowledge belong together 

Celebrating the prisoner 

Now a cold fire burns 

On a black moon 

I accept your rules 

I salute my end 

I endure my punishment 

Look down on me 

Play your game with me 

I am eternity 

Your pride I can never be 

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