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What A Shame Lyrics - Café Blue - Patricia Barber

The bluest morning ever 

broke today 

forego the nighttime 

find the moon 

in the afternoon 


all day 

one is forgiven 

much too soon 


Another year has come 

and gone my way 

my blood is thicker 

showing signs 

of pathology 

fast on the track 

to decay 

remorse as company 

here to stay 




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I need you 

I lost you 

What a shame 


The smoky faces lost 

in this cafĂ© 

their lips forever chat 

a grey uniformity 


all day 

amazing lethargy 

here to stay 

I need you 

I lost you 

What a shame 




no sunrise 

no coffee 

What a shame 

No seaside 

no poets, no backbeat 

no lover, no mother 

no mainline, no downtime 

What a shame 

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