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Stand By Me Lyrics - Singles - Paul Humphreys

Finally a moment to ourselves 

now tell me how long has it been 

the last five years I just stopped counting 

I guess you never did 

Didn't mind walking a few steps behind me 

satisfied with me taken the lead 

I've got some demons to conquer 

and you've got the right to disagree 


Stand by me take hold of my hand 

tell me I'm always gonna be your man 

Stand by me through thick and thin 

and I'll go on living and giving all that I can 


How well I know it ain't the first time 

and I've been known to come in late 

I had some people now trying to tell me how 

to walk tall stand up straight 

this time around is gonna be real 

I don't need no shaman telling me how to feel 

I've got some demons to conquer 

and you've got the right to say what you will 


carrying that weight from some early days 

yea we can't afford to wait 

or let the storm come and seal our fate 

yea your only shown when your on your own 

on the road alone 

Are you remember?

To The Bone

Artist: Kinks

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