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Penny Was Right

Genres: Rock

Crystal Clear Lyrics - Penny Was Right

As I was lost in the city 

Scared by the insanity 

Of this world I see 

I wondered how it would be 

If people were thinking just like me 

Yeah, that's true I'm fucking na├»ve 

But you don't know how it feels when you still believe 


It's crystal clear that our world is ending 

No magic gift needed to guess things are going wrong 

It's crystal clear that earth is dying 

How can we be such fools by destroying mother nature's rules? 


Foolish minds trapped by selfish blinds 

Preoccupied by all the money they'll find 

I don't feel like this is the right way 

Gave us a chance and we threw it away 


Open my windows 

And I, I see only shadows 

As the earth slowly blows 

How can we be such fools?