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Plant Robert

Genres: Rock

Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson Lyrics - Plant Robert

Once I had myself a good woman 

But I just didn't treat her right 

I was always leaving 

Livin' a party life 


True love was waiting for me 

I was much too blind to see 

Till she told me she would leave me 

I said that's all right with me 


Oh now she's gone 

Realize I lost the best thing there is 

And my pride keeps telling me 

Let your loss be your lesson 


Heaven knows I miss her lovin' 

Heaven knows how much I cry 

Just to think she had left me 

And I know the reason why 

I could tell she had been cryin' 

It didn't seem to bother me 

Cause I know there's no one blinder 

Than a fool who just couldn't see 


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