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Genres: Metal

Mother Mary Is A Bird Of Prey Lyrics - Powerwolf

And when your time is over 

And we come down to take you away 

You better pray to Jesus 

May the serpents of god lead your way 


And when you find salvation 

In revelation 

This is the son of the earth 


And the you cross the liar. 

The devil's fire 

Hell is sign of rebirth 




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Mother mary is a bird of prey 

Bird of prey 

Bird of prey 


When your life is over 

And the angels are falling from grace 

And in the eyes of Judas 

You're born on the darkest of days 


An when you find elation 


You are the son of the earth 


And then you kill the liar. 

In Satan's fire 

Hell is a sign of rebirth 




Mother mary is a bird of prey 

Bird of prey 

Bird of prey 


Stand up and pray! 

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