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Genres: Metal

Prayer In The Dark Lyrics - Powerwolf

A martyr dies for Jesus Christ 

The altar burning as the demons rise 


The word defied. The crucified 

The sermon spoken on a bloodred night 


The holy whore they're fighting for 

Like lambs to slaughter in a bible war 


Oh - Victims of the night 

It's time to say your 


Prayer in the dark 

Prayer in the dark 




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Ave Maria. Gracia plena 

Ave Maria. Mother of God 


The preacher's call to tell you all 

He saw damnation in his crystal ball 


The icon torn. All hope forlorn 

When hell is rising and the dark reborn 


Oh - Demons of the night 

The time has come for 


Prayer in the dark 

Prayer in the dark 




Benedicta. Sancta mater 



Pray. Pray. Pray in the dark 

Pray. Pray. Pray in the dark 


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