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Genres: Hip-Hop

Mystic Lyrics - Prodigy

thank you jesus, thank you jesus, thank you jesus 




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yea, you are now listening to the sound of a god in the flesh 

my lineage is ancient, i come from beyond any place you could imagine in your imagination 

mammy was my space ship, it took her 9 months to get me here 

i finally made it, goodness, gracees, great ball of fire 

my star got six points, so i burn brighter 

there any pentagram Hollywood sidewalk 

I'm much too hot, u could not cool me off 

not a son, don't chill Allah 

check the rhyme that i spill on ya'll, is the best by far 

initiate of the sacred brotherhood of elite rappers 

i'm a master builder, grand verbaliser, young old timer 

the tippy-top shot, original don dada 

it's written in the stars, look me up then 

two or three bars 

got you paying attention 

I'm gifted, my rap is mystic 

it's codes that i speak so the police missed it 

spray paintings on the walls, the writings on the walls 

i'm gifted, my rap is mystic 

it's codes that i speak so the police missed it 



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