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Rat Boy

Genres: Other

Get Over It Lyrics - Rat Boy

Doing time in my mind for another petty crime it's a sign, 

Don't think I'll ever fall in love to the system I'll just diss them, I'm on a mission trying to get a bit of recognition, 

Lack of nutrition, I feel half dead, got a lot of ambition but I never go to bed and I'm bored of comparisons, jumping the gun, 

People need to learn to have just a bit of fun, 

Fucked or they said I wouldn't make it at school, 

Going round saying Ratboy's a fool no I've never been cool, never played by the rules and I spend my time hanging out in the halls, 

Contemplation, in a messy situation, in a knackered nation with no imagination, 

Feeling on my own, never been a clone, not much to do when all my mates are stoned. 


They caught up in my mind oh but I'm over it. If your into it, go with it. 

They caught up in my mind oh but it's over. 




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