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Artist: Re-up Gang
Total songs: 1

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  1. Roc Boys

Roc Boys Lyrics - Singles - Re-up Gang


First of all I want to thank my connect, hold up! 

I can't do that yet 

Y'all motherfuckers know I still live this shit 

Mount Rushmore with the pot, my face etched in a brick 

No reminisce, no recall, hit the corner in my Hoop D 

My trunk is like a free for all 

Ski for all, I said ski for all 

Sonny Bono to slopes until the reaper call 

Connect got me with snow like I was meeting Claus 

Merry Christmas to coke, here goes a re for y'all 

Do something nice for your bitch for the winter 

Red bottom her toes, give her wrist some shimmer 

Supercharge that range, ridiculous rimmers 

Show money, blow money, the Re-Up Gang agenda 

You niggers re-ing up with them low ass dinners 

We serving it on platters, y'all are great pretenders 



Re-Up Gang in the spot tonight 

Oh, what a feeling selling blocks of white 

You ain't even gotta bring your paper out 

We're the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house 


You know I'm felly hustler backcrawling 

And buy level condos made up with the glass floor 

Hibberts like 9-4 

Chopping that work on a glass plate 

The last real niggers, we're condors 

And speaking of crime lords 

Trill niggers screaming to encore 

With the third in stall, meant it as grind four 

We got it 4 cheap! 

What I got comes with feathers and beaks 

I can dare my competitor to speak 

Them four bow letters, K - I - LO, hello 

Lamborghini I break, canary yellow 

Interior black, like Othello 

Sugar Hill sweet, so we're mellow 

Now I play the lead, pull strings like a cello 

The Puppeteer, low puppets just don't come near 

American me and the company of few 

I'm Ali, Jordan, Tiger, Tyson, Gretzky, Lemieux 




I'm a product of the seventies baby! 

I push products on a customer daily 

So much in fact it should probably shame me 

See the commonwealth district they wanna arraign me 

They don't like us niggers making videos 

They like niggers pointing fingers like Arsenio 

And y'all fall for it, tell it like a ten year old 

And they still serve you time like a dinner roll 

They come looking for the source, like Melly Mel 

You better never play me, like Felly Fel 

I can't touch that, it's kind of delicate 

My lawyer is on the House of Delegates 

I put them all with my derelicts 

Name your price, you can buy tampered evidence 

More powder than Maybelline 

Push pounds like a Medellin 




We used to hustle galore 

Me and Hoffa back in Jungle had the hole in the floor 

Five blocks, across the street or right in front of the store 

Julios, fooling them hoes and still we eat 

Something like Kevin, Joes, Julios and Reese 

Take it two blocks down and then up the street 

Make man a wood lawn, the story goes on 

Plenty coke was moving and bugging booty was drawn 

Gucci filatelas and many coochies was raw 

Racist niggers snitching seems like we all should be long gone 

But guess what, we're not 

Baby got the clock so what's up baby rock 

Nothing could stop me, I'm feeling so cocky 

Left to the slimy, RIP Aki and Goon 

To Philly I'm Rocky 

If I ain't the eyes, the kids know me as I slowly pulling up in the ride 

Like Goldie just to get me some bread 

School first lil' nigga, now hold up your head 

Stay juiced, stay Philly, stay away from a bed 

And keep your eyes on the price 'til you get what it is