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Happy New Year B Lyrics - Rent

Pan to the padlocked door 

New year's rocking eve 

The breaking back into the building party 

How long 'til next year? 

Three and half minutes 


I'm giving up my vices 

I'm going back, back to school 

Eviction or not this week's been so hot 

That long as I've got you 

I know I'll be cool 


I couldn't crack the love code, dear 

'Til you made the lock on my heart 

Explode, it's gonna be a happy new year 

A happy new year 


Coast is clear 

You're supposed to be working 

That's for midnight 

Where are they? there isn't much time 


Maybe they're dressing 

I mean what does one wear that's 


For a party, that's also a crime 


Chips, anyone? 

You can take the girl out of Hicksville 

But you can't take the Hickville out 

Of the girl 



My riot got you on TV 

I deserve a royalty 

Be nice you two 

Or no, God, awful champagne 


Don't mind if I do 

No luck? 

Bolted plywood, padlocked 

And chained, a total dead end 

Just like my ex-girlfriend 



I know you're there 

Please pick up the phone 

Are you okay? 


It's not funny 

It's not fair 

How can I atone? 

Are you okay? 


I lose control 

But I can learn to behave 

Give me one more chance 

Let me be your slave 


I'll kiss your doc martens 

Let me kiss your Doc Martens 

Your every wish I will obey 


That might be okay 

Down girl 

Heel, stay 


I did a bit of research 

With my friends at legal aid 

Technically, you're squatters 

There's hope but just in case 



We can hoist a line 

To the fire escape 

And tie off at 


That bench 

I can't take them as chums 

Start hoisting, wench 


I think I should be laughing 

Yet I forget 

Forget how to begin 


I'm feeling something inside 

And yet I still can't decide if I should hide 

Or make a wide open grin 


Last week I wanted just to disappear 

My life was dust 

But now it just may be a happy new year 

A happy new year 


Bond, James Bond 

And Pussy Galore, in person 

Pussy, you came prepared 


I was a boy scout once 

And a brownie 

'Til some little brat got scared 


Aha, money penny, my Martini 

Will bad champagne do? 

That's shaken, not stirred 


Pussy, the bolts 

Just say the word 

Two minutes left to execute our plan 

Where's everyone else? 

Playing Spiderman 


Ironic close up, tight 

On the phone machine's red light 

Once the boho boys are gone 

The power mysteriously comes on 


Copyright: Finster & Lucy Music Ltd. Co.

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