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Tune Up #2 Lyrics - Singles - Rent

Tell the folks at home what you're doing Roger 

I'm writing one great song 

Yes, we screen, speak 

Chestnuts Roasting 


Collins, I'm downstairs 

Hey, Roger picked up the phone 

No, it's me, throw down the key 

A wild night is now preordained 

I may be detained 


What does he mean? 

What do you mean, detained? 

Ho, ho, ho, Benny, shit 


Dudes, I'm on my way 

Great, fuck, I need the rent 

What rent? This past year's rent which I let slide 

Let slide? You said we were 'Golden' 


When you bought the building 

When we were roommates 

Remember, you lived here? 


How could I forget? 

You, me, Collins and Maureen 

How is the drama Queen? 

She's performing tonight 


I know, still her production manager? 

Two days ago I was bumped 

You still dating her? 

Last month I was dumped 


She's in love 

She's got a new man? 

Well, no, what's his name? 



Rent, my amigos, is due 

Or I will have to evict you 

Be there in a few 


The power blows 


Copyright: Finster & Lucy Music Ltd. Co.

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