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You Okay Honey? (the Street) Lyrics - Rent

Christmas bells are ringing 

Christmas bells are ringing 

Christmas bells are ringing 

Somewhere else, not here 


You okay honey? I'm afraid so 

They get any money? 

No, had none to get, but they purloined my coat 

Well you missed a sleeve, thanks 


Hell, it's Christmas Eve 

I'm Angel, Angel? Indeed 

And angel of the first degree 

Friends call me Collins, Tom Collins, nice tree 


Let's get a Band-Aid for your knee 

I'll change, there's a 'Life Support' meeting at nine-thirty 

Yes, this body provides a comfortable home 

For the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 


As does mine 

Wow, we'll get along fine 

Get you a coat, have a bite 

And make a night, I'm flush 


My friends are waiting 

You're cute when you blush 

The more the merry, ho, ho, ho 

And I do not take no 


Copyright: Finster & Lucy Music Ltd. Co.;universal Music Corporation

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