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Artist: Reshu Kumar
Total songs: 2

It's Raining Outside Lyrics - Singles - Reshu Kumar

It's raining outside, 

but my heart is drowning, 

waiting for your sight, 

the eyes are struck on the way, 

ah ah...waiting up awake. 

listening to the song, 

and repeating the chorus and, 

wishing you by my side, 

and holding your hand and be alone, 

ah ah...waiting at the home. 

baby i want to take your hand, 

and dancing around like no one else and, 

just you and me, 

ah ah...falling on the streets. 

you are my life and you are my angel, 

you could be my bride, i'll be your lover, 

just sing along, 

ah ah...running all alone. 

kiss your lips, watching to the heaven, 

marry your heart and take ya to my castle, 

all along, 

ah forever young. 

our love is like the flaming fire, 

you are the one that heart does desire, 

just you are mine, 

ah ah...nothing more from life. 

baby, at last i wish to tell you, 

that this my heart just belongs to you, 

you are the one, 

ah ah...nothing more it wants. 

it's raining outside, 

and my heart is drowning. .. 

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