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Genres: Electronic

Everyone Comes To The Freak Show Lyrics - Residents

Hurry, hurry, hurry 

Step right up and you will see on display 

A collection of some of the strangest specimens 

Ever gathered together, both live and preserved 


You will see the incredible Jello Jack 

The boneless boy and Herman The Human Mole 

You'll see Wanda The Worm Woman 

And Mickey The Mumbling Midget 

With his secret from far beyond the realm 

Of human understanding 


There's also Benny, bouncing Benny The Bump 

Who can't wait to show you the eerie and shapeless mass 

Which he hides beneath his shirt 

And shows only when he does his famous dance 

The Bouncing Bump 


So, step this way, folks come on in, you know you can't resist 

Come in and make your mundane lives look like the kiss of bliss 

Everyone comes to the Freak Show, to laugh at the freaks and the geeks 

Everyone comes to the Freak Show but nobody laughs when they leave 


Once a man exploded just before he went to sleep 

When his wife awoke she found some fragments of his feet 

She wondered what had happened but there was no mouth to say 

Or lips to kiss or even any tears to wipe away 


She went to see a priest and asked if death could be much worse 

Than knowing what was left of love would fit inside her purse 

Someone said that nothing hurts you, like a vice without a virtue 

That may be but is it worse than life when it becomes so certain 

That your eyes cannot be open, to the twisted and the broken? 


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