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Genres: Electronic

I Gave Myself To You Lyrics - Residents

I gave you my heart, you tore it apart 

That wasn't nice to do 

I gave you my spleen, you called it obscene 

And then you split it in two 

I gave you my liver, you threw it in the river 

But I prayed you were true 

Now I'm falling to bits, I've got nothing that fits 

'Cause I gave myself to you, I gave myself to you 

I gave you my eyes, you said they told lies 

But what they said was true 

I gave you my lips, you just wiggled your hips 

Well you sure looked cute the way you do 

I gave you my chest and the bits you like best 

But you said that we were through 

Now I'm one of those jerks that's got nothing that works 

'Cause I gave myself to you, I gave myself to you 

When I gave you my brain, you said it was plain 

I did not have a clue 

So I gave you my feet, I thought it was neat 

But you said "So what else is new?" 

I gave you my veins, you said they were chains 

To hold you down like glue 

But the chains are on me, I'm restrained as can be 

'Cause I gave myself to you, I gave myself to you 

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