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I'm Dreaming Of A White Sailor Lyrics - Our Finest Flowers - Residents

Sometimes I feel his feet 

When I'm fast asleep 

I know that I'm dreaming 

But the touch is soft and sweet 


I went to see the silent sailor 

And the sailor said 

"Do not forget my face, my friend 

For if you do I'm dead" 


"Well, I don't see how that could be" 

I said to him as well 

As peeling off a piece of paper 

Stuck to my lapel 


The sailor fell upon his knees 

Then he fell beside 

The cedar chest that he had carved 

Then I think he died 


Well, this was curious, I thought 

So I wandered in 

And saw that there was something written 

On his wrinkled skin 


Well, I thought the thoughts of little children 

And the thoughts of men 

I thought the thoughts of stupid people 

Who have never been 


So much in love as they should be 

And got confused too easily 

To fall in love again 

To fall in love again 


And so I say goodbye to you 

And hope that maybe someday soon 

We will meet again up there 

For death is fair and friends are few 


Friends are few 

Friends are few 

Friends are few 



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