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Genres: Electronic

Lillie Lyrics - Residents

I saw a woman chewing with nothing in her mouth; 

Her teeth were in her hands and her tongue was hanging out; 

The she started drooling and caught it in a cup, 

The cup was full of pennies; it spilled when she got up. 

Some guy is in the shadows grabbing empty air; 

He could be catching butterflies if there were any there. 

All the freaks are not inside the tents 

Some pay to come and be in the audience. 

I saw a great big guy who had a little gun; 

He pulled it out and smiled and then he sucked his thumb 

His wife was standing by with a leather leash 

Fastened to a child who cried beside their feet. 

The scary one is back with clothes so white and clean; 

And her face that's coated with a quarter inch of cream-cold cream 

She's the one who freaks the freaks out 

Lillie little Lillie, Lillie little Lillie, Lillie chilling Lillie 

Lillie with her white face. 

Delicate Lillie is stainlessly lonely and 

She is too white 

Like a face in a flashlight with teeth that might bite 

She is too white 

Like dice rolling snakeeyes in headlights at night 

She is too white 

Like a corpse in the sunshine or eyes in a fight 

There's a spot a spot on my glove on my glove I know, no no maybe it 

was make em runny make em runny honey... doilies doilies where have all 

the doilies gone... 

Roses will whither and die 

Along with the lace and the lies 

Nothing is nicer than death 

At matching the bad and the best 

Heh heh... he hated me he hated me and hate is white and hate is hot 

but I'll not even have disdain for him not even a stain on a memory 

looked up to, lacking all respect for him I'm blacking out the specks 

of decent thoughts that linger in me and leave only white white 

peaceful white calm white swans silently flying in the snow look down 

and see the bleached bones of a noble knight who died trying to save 

his lady his lovely white lady who brought her man milk in the 

moonlight but it was too late too late too late he said 

Scratch out all the pin holes 

Open up the sores 

Don't look out the window 

White hatred's at the door. 

And he tried to make me dirty make me dirty make me dirty. 

Touch her someone 

Touch her someone 

Reach out to her 

Touch her soiled soul. 

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