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Lizard Lady Lyrics - 13th Anniversary Show: Live In The U.s.a. - Residents

What's a woman going to do but throw away her bread 

Her feet are feeling funny as she lies beneath the bed 

She reminisces of the pungent Adriatic Sea 

And then she crawls and counts her cans and twitches like a flea 


What she really likes to do is sit upon a pew 

And make believe that time has stopped and motionless is new 

Planes are stranded in the sky and drains are stopping, too 

She alone is laughing under eyelids full of flu 


She scurries hurries worries that the wicked will receive 

Their candy from a handsome man and coffee from a thief 

She gazes at a hourglass and asks it if it cares 

And then she wonders if the lizard likes his lettuce rare 


"Lizard, yes a lizard, little lizard of the sea 

Conspicuously alcoholic, flicks his tongue at me 

Release me, release me lizard, blizzard of the bee 

Mushed inside a sock you still dare me to die 

Dare me to die at home" 


"Coating all my lungs with honey, sticky coating running runny 

Feet of lizard fly and stop and fly and stop and fly 

And flicker tongue is licking out to find me, feel me, hide! 

Hide from the tongue" 


"The tongue is coming! Cruising! Oozing! 

Over land and under ashes, in the sunlight, see it flashes 

Find a fly and eat his eye, but don't believe in me. 

Don't believe in me, don't believe in me 

Don't believe in me, don't believe in me 

Don't believe in me" 

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