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Loss Of Innocence Lyrics - The Commercial Album - Residents

Amusement parks are caked with sounds 

A solid hunk of meat 

A barker's sweat flings from his tongue 

His tattoo shines with heat 


A wary stranger stands and sways 

Enraptured by his stance 

Two-headed goats come stumbling by 

And give a troubled glance 


The barker looks into the eyes 

The stranger tries to bend 

The barker swears to more delights 

For all who seek within 




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The stranger enters canvas doors 

And smells the fresh cut hay 

The barker points to Siamese twins 

The stranger looks away 


The eyes of horse faced women 

Watch the few who wander through 

They sense the tension in the air 

And smell the sweet taboo 




A heart beats fast against a chest 

The stranger leaves the tent 

The waves of people drown the sounds 

Of loss of innocence 

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