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My Brother Paul Lyrics - Demons Dance Alone - Residents

I still remember that day in December 

When you pretended to fall on the stairs 

You said you were scared that the top of your head 

Was open and bared itself to the air 


I can cry if I try 

But I lie awake at night 


You said that you tripped on a box that he shipped 

Before he committed himself to the war 

I was at work and believed you were hurt 

'Til I saw that dirt from a hole in the yard 


I was still crying and you were still lying 

The following morning out there in the hall 

Where it was painful to watch you arrange 

Those portraits you painted of my brother Paul 


I can cry if I try 

But I lie awake at night 


I can't believe that I was deceived 

That day we received that present from Paul 


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