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Genres: Electronic

The Spot Lyrics - Residents

A pox upon a chicken or a fight about a bear 

Would not be worse that what I've seen 

And what I have to wear 

It first appeared on my birthday 

Beneath an empty cocktail tray 

I scrubbed but found to my dismay 

A spot that would not go away 

I got... the spot 

"Oh what the hell" I seemed to say 

And laughed a little bit 

But when I saw the spot had moved 

I nearly had a fit! 

A fever froze me in my place 

When then I found it on my face 

Curdling my blood I screamed 

"Be gone or be some heinous dream!" 

I got... the spot 

Oblong it interacted 

With my follicles of hair 

And now it grows in magnitude 

And sits upon a chair 

It sleeps upon my shirt 

And smiles at me 

When I get hurt 

I can't believe that blotch is there! 

But still I cover it with care 

I got... the spot 

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