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Genres: Electronic

The Vultures Of Bombay Lyrics - Residents

On a chilly evening in the act of keeping warm 

Intuition told the prince of some impending harm 

And so he told his men what he had learned 

Using slickly coated wings that beat without a hum 

The vultures of Bombay are leaving today from a city - one by one 

And now I know they're flying straight to us 

A storm had ended and the early morning work was done 

The men were standing in the sand and looking at the sun 

Mesmerized by something up above 

The vultures came without a warning but without surprise 

The prince was playing on an organ - sadness in his eyes 

And once again he wondered what he'd done 

They followed us to Cairo 

They followed us to Rome 

My friends we need an ending 

Let us live at home 

Like a crippled dancer picking roses in the sun 

The prince of wayward men is singing singing to no one 

And of course no one is there to hear him sing 

I'd like to go to Cairo 

I'd like to go to Rome 

But traveling is just a bore 

If you are all alone 

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