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Genres: Electronic

Wanda - The Worm Woman Lyrics - Residents

Sneering at a leering lady 

as she stares and squirms 

At Wanda with her saintly smile 

and living wig of worms 

I like to watch their faces fall 

as we disgust and shame them 

Seeking suckers is my game 

- no longer lion taming. 

Like a pink and pregnant pumpkin 

perched upon her neck 

Wanda Wadkins head was hurting 

it was bitten by insects 

I watched the awkward way she waddled 

walking to the pail 

She always used to wash her worms 

and clean beneath her nails 

I love the soul I see inside her 

but I just can't love her 

Folding fat that rolls around 

like bowling balls in butter. 

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