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Restless Heart

Genres: Pop

Hummingbird Lyrics - Restless Heart

Got tired of living in that one horse town 

I went to the station to flag that Hummingbird down 

I didn't even call to say good-bye 

I couldn't stand to see that little girl cry 


Now I'm off to the city, gonna make my name 

Those lights are calling me to fortune and fame 


I had to ride that Hummingbird 

I had to ride that Hummingbird 


I'm gonna make it now just any day 

I've got this guitar and I came to play 

Lying here lonely, knowing what I've lost 

My heart keeps asking: Was it worth the cost? 




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Now ain't it funny how it always seems 

Once you're standing there the grass ain't so green 


Why did I ride that Hummingbird 

I had to ride that Hummingbird 


Oh, today she called me on the telephone 

She said: Hey country boy, you've been gone too long 

And now I'm standing at the station, looking down the line 

Here comes that Hummingbird, she's right on time 

(that's right) 


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I'm gonna ride 

Just let me ride ... 

We're gonna ride ... 

Just let me ride ... 

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