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Restless Heart

Genres: Pop

Lady Luck Lyrics - Restless Heart

High-heel shoes and a short, tight skirt 

All eyes are glued on her 

She's throwin' boxcar numbers 

All night long 

They're buyin' her drinks, shakin' the dice 

Just tryin' to catch her eye 

Her smile is magic 

But it don't last long 




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Oh Lady Luck 

Casting fortune to the wind 

Come stand beside me 

While that wheel turns 'round again 

Yea, Lady Luck 

Let the chips fall where they may 

Oh, Lady Luck, so glad you passed my way 


If you never give up and never give in 

She might just let you win 

But don't try to keep her 

From her next appointed round 

'Cause if you try to hold on just a little too long 

She may just do you wrong 

Pray she stays long enough 

To lay your money down 




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Shine on me 

I'm gonna let it ride 

Roll up the numbers 

Takin' one more chance, snake eyes 




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