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Restless Heart

Genres: Pop

Little More Coarl On The Fire Lyrics - Restless Heart

So you thought without here it would be easy to live 

She wanted more than you were willing to give 

Ah, but give and take and blame are all part of the flame 

That burns for the one you want to be with 

You know a fire is hard to get started 

And even harder to make a good one last 

You'd better believe it's so, you're gonna wind up out in the cold 

When it all goes up in smoke and ashes 



You better pour a little more coal on the fire 

Send the voice she knows and loves whistlin' down the wire 

If it's love and it's true 

Oh there ain't no doubt what you gotta do 

Pour a little more coal on the fire 

You better pour a little more coal on the fire 


There ain't nothing as lonely as a loser 

Who refuses to fold a losin' hand 

You'd better believe it's true, 'cause it's happening to you 

You're gonna become a forgotten man 



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