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Restless Heart

Genres: Pop

Tell Me What You Dream Lyrics - Restless Heart

All of your life you hold out for love 

You give what you have still that's not enough 

What went wrong 


'Cause now what we share are too many fears 

Too many secrets and too many years 




Tell me what you dream at night while you're sleeping 

Tell me what you see at night in your dreams 

Is it someone else's arms that hold you tight 

Or darling is it me 

Tell me what you dream at night while you sleep 




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Deep in the night, you whisper so low 

I lay by your side I felt so alone 


I reach for your arms, you call out a name 

It wasn't my own that caused me such pain inside 


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Tell me what you dream at night 

Dream at night 

Oh baby dream at night, while you're sleeping 

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