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Restless Heart

Genres: Pop

This Time Lyrics - Restless Heart


This time you've gone to far, 

Shot an arrow through my heart. 

This time those baby blues, 

Made me fall in love. 

My heart didn't have a chance, 

I lost it all with just one dance. 

This time I know it's true, 

You made me fall in love with you. 

With you. Baby, with you. 




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I know I've seen you in this place 

A dozen times before. 

I've watched you make those deadly moves 

Out there on the floor. 

Tonight when you walked up to me 

And railed me with that look, 

And said, "I sure would love to dance." 

Well, that was all it took. 




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I've always been the kind of man 

Who likes to play it cool. 

I used to think that love 

Was just a game for crazy fools. 

Thought I'd never see the day, 

I'd give up without a fight. 

But when I held you in my arms, 

You made it feel so right. 



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