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Genres: Electronic

Teacher's Edition Lyrics - Retard-o-bot

Day in, day out, try to teach you but you never want to learn, so crash and burn. Can't get the fact that you're faced with life. Now why didn't you fucking learn? I'm a useless piece of shit; it's passed down my family tree. Retarded, ignorance is bliss is all you will get from me. Do what I say, what I say is law. Learn what I teach, what I teach will make you strong. Do what's been done before, although it may not be working. But not working's better than doing nothing. Now illiterate, can't understand a damn thing, but still you're going to try and fake it. Can't come to terms with you idiocy is education still overrated. Maybe I don't understand. My mom and dad have taught me well. Special class means easy pass, short on funds I finish last. I'm content with being shit. Thick as a brick and twice as dumb, brains numb and hurts trying to find the sum. Can't add, subtract, think clearly, write, or react to an insult spoken clearly. If I've told you once, I've told you twice or maybe more. If you'd stopped and take a look you wouldn't be so sore.Nothing but a rehect from special ed. Go to rewing this shit, try to understand all the shit Isaid, and it's not too late, don't make the mistake, trying to fake your way. Think I'll give it up, there's no more time for to spare. Stop, drop and bitch me out and think you're being fair.

Are you remember?


Artist: Eminem


Artist: Gie Few