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Return To Forever

Genres: Rock

Do You Ever Lyrics - Return To Forever

Do you ever think what life will be 

Where you will go after you die 

Do you ever wonder why we're here 

Why we were born you and I 


Sometimes I'm plagued with questions 

Answers hard to find 

Sometimes I sit in darkness 

Feeling almost blind 

Then the light from someone's touch 

Will give me strength to see 

And I realize I'm on this earth 

To actually be free 


Do you ever look at people's faces 

And see grayness all around 

Do you need a friend to understand 

And listen to the joy you found 


Finding that special someone 

Who will really care 

Listening to your problems 

Wanting to be there 

You don't need a lot of friends 

To make you feel worthwhile 

All you need is that special someone 

To make you laugh and smile