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Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy Lyrics - Returns 2cd - Return To Forever

You ask me where I've been, 

Earth friend, 

Searching, searching for the truth, 

Reaching out listening. 

Many is the time I've held him by the tail, 

Only to find two feathers left, 

To show there was a trail. 

Yes I have been searching 

Searching for the truth, 

Lifting stones, listening. 

Many is the time I caught him, 

Locked him in a room, 

Only to find the curtains waving 

In the breeze. 

Never smile too soon with him my friend, 

Never smile too soon. 

I have searched and searched 

My earth friend, 

Running through the centuries, 

From then till now to eons past. 

Many is the time he talked me round, 

We even sat to dine, 

Only to find he left the room, 

Before I served the wine. 

Only to find he left the room, 

Yes, I have been searching 

For the truth earth friend. 

Searching across space, in space, through time. 

Many of the signs he left quickened my flow, 

Again to find he left the game 

A universe ago. 

Thank you for asking my dearest earthly friend, 

But I'm searching not today. 

Look close - be aware, 

The answer's in my eyes, 

Face to face we met today 

And I'm clearing all those lies. 

Yes, truth and I we met today, 

He's closer than you see. 

The truth is you 

The truth is me 

Whether here or in the seventh galaxy 

The truth is you 

The truth is me