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The Romantic Warrior (live Montreux, Switzerland) Lyrics - The Mothership Returns - Return To Forever

Standing bold Romantic Warrior 

Timeless one in amour gold 

Giving your message to warriors all 

The victory of victories is about to be told 

Dont succumb to the sorceress warriors 

Tarnishing your purpose bright 

Have your senses yet to have their fill 

Of battles old and fearsome stories told each night 

Youve wandered off the path my warrior friends 

Those pictures painted in your weary eyes 

Tell of age old times gone by 

When you fought and jousted cross the skies 

In those battled faces etched so deep 

Are stories of those gruesome duels 

When locked in combat for a thousand years 

You earned the title tyrants cruel 

But even in those loud victorious cries 

The magician spun a strange defeat 

For as you smote from view the jester bright 

Your battered selves lay at your feet 

The sadness in your hearts ring out 

Protesting those whose silent will 

Led you to this bloodstained trail 

And you cant recall deciding to kill 

Pick up the gauntlet warriors 

Sheath your swords put up your trusty lance 

Channel the power used to rush every foe 

Into giving the future a chance 

Believe in yourselves old warriors bold 

Create a path so firm and sure 

Fight for the birth of the freedom of man 

The end of this medieval overture 

Are you remember?


Artist: Samhain

My City

Artist: Common