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Shoulderblade Lyrics - Funeral Sky - Reuben And The Dark

Im trying not to try 

But this fire was it here before you and I 

And ive seen it all before 

Through a crack in the wall and umbilical cord, hide your love inside my head 

The truth is ive tried 

How to be the only thing on your mind 

In trying to change 

But you cut like a cold shoulder blade, hide your love inside my head 

And tie my hands behing my back 

Tell me which is which 

Prepare my heart for this 

(Call me out, quiet eyes) 

Now I said 

(Call me out, quiet eyes) 

Now I said 

Well I feel like a wrecking ball 

With bottles of alcohol 

When will the dawn break, even again 



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Artist: Amon Amarth

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