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7 Reasons Lyrics - Singles - Revenge

It's good to be young and gifted again. 

To see if it all happens twice. 

And watch all the things that went wrong with my life. 

And try to explain it at night. 

You want to be adored. 


She always gets anything that she wants. 

Explains it as clearly as day. 

And where there's a way... 

When the drugs and the pain couldn' stay. 




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And she can take this part of me. 

And turn it and turn it and set it all free. 

To be adored. 


She just knows when it happens to me. 

She always knows my way. 

She sees straight through and believes that it's true. 

She always smiles and makes my day. 

She want's to be adored. 




Just let me take this chance to bite and 

smash right through, 'cause I'm gonna get it 

and crush it through you're head till 

all the pain's gone and you are dead. 


And it can be all yours. 

Who wants to be adored?. 

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