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Reverend Bizarre

Genres: Metal

Teutonic Witch Lyrics - Reverend Bizarre

Caress me now, this last time 

as you know I have to go away 

I will go to some distant place 

I don't want to see you anymore 

because your beauty makes me tremble a new 

Woman no more shall I live as your slave 


You, you took my heart away 

took it away and left only emptiness 

Woman, oh it will never heal again 

Sore I am, fallen down on my knees 

You want me to bow to you, that I will do but I swear, this is the last time 


Witch, that is what you are, making me long for you this way. 

I taste your sword of understanding 

Mouthful of metal until I bleed. You will let me down. 

Tooth and claw, with a razorblade I cut my veins. 

With my blood we toast (for) the Iron Law 


Bring back my heart. You don't need it now 

I've gone so far. I am lost somehow 

I've been away so long, hard to find a place 

I try to look ahead, but I am lost without a trace 

Are you remember?


Artist: Vert