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Reverend Bizarre

Genres: Metal

The Hour Of Death Lyrics - Reverend Bizarre

My God have mercy upon me in this Hour of Death 

I pray for thee to take my life instead of the one I so dearly love 

Her face is pale like the ivory of the distant realms 

And as I hold her hand in mine, I clearly feel it's turning cold 

Like marble or snow 


Remembering the days of joy, not so long ago 

Those memories just increase grief as I watch the withering of beauty 

How can it be that tomorrow she's not here and I remain 

There has to be some kind of way we can be together again 

Together again 


As she fades away 

Like statue made of clay 


All I wish is to be in grave with her 

Slowly transforming back into dirt 

Deep under the sacred ground 

Noone will be able to part us now