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Rich The Kid

Genres: Hip-Hop

I Love My Choppa (remix) Lyrics - Rich The Kid

[Verse 1: Rich The KId] 

I was cruising down the street, four deep (What?) 

One choppa, three bitches on me, (On me) 

And that choppa might as well be a freak 

Cause she bustin, fuck 12 I'm a G 

Poppin a pill, I'm off it 

I spent a dub on an outfit. (Huh?) 

You niggas just rappin', ain't bout shit, (Bout shit) 

You could get hit with the whole clip 

Anybody see my keys? 

It ain't nothin put my wrist on freeze (Ice) 

Love my choppa and my choppa love me (Love me) 

They want Tay K free 

Told my bitch she gotta leave, I got company. (Bitch!) 

Did the race, I had 12 tryna' come for me, (Huh?) 

He ain't never caught a case, he ain't did the race, (What?) 

Too much cookie in the Wraith, I just want the face 

Free my niggas facing a sentence 

They call you a menace, (A menace) 

Ain't seen some of my partners in a long minute 




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[Verse 2: Tay K] 

I was cruisin' down the street, four deep 

Three bitches, one yoppa on me 

And the yoppa might as well be a fe' 

Cause it got two arms and some feet 

Cause it wake up in the morning and it eat 

I love my choppa and I think it love me 

Prolly cause I let that bitch do what it please 

Call a hitter cuz he gon' shoot for free (you heard) 

Let me hush, that's between him and me 

R-I-P Eazy-E 

Niggas actin like bitches, man these niggas actin like fe's 

Choppa with extensions, pussy boy get on your knees 

Money counter count it up, speed (gang gang) 

I don't tote no choppa, bitch the choppa tote me (with my gang) 

I might just pop ya', watch your talking to me 

Yoppa have a blood walkin' on the scene 

Yoppa have the blood poppin' out yo jeans 

Boy you niggas love talking, yoppa's scream 

Tote F&N Five-Seven but I'm 16 

He think he hard well that choppa beat his meat (ugh) 

My mama insane and my daddy OG 

So I'm insane, I don't know what to think 

I'm EBK, I'll put anything to sleep 

I love my choppa and her parents wanna meet 

I love my choppa and I think she love me 





I love my choppa and I think she loves me 

I love my choppa and I think she loves me 

I love my choppa and I think she loves me 

I love my choppa and I think she loves me 

I love my choppa and I think she loves me 

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