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Saint Etienne

Genres: Pop

Teenage Winter Lyrics - Saint Etienne

Amy checks the shopping list 

Pedal bin, washing up rack, Santex 

She goes to the bakers to buy a loaf 

Ah, she keeps forgetting it's changed into the Tropicana Tanning Salon 


And in the charity shop 

Mrs Brown sits at the counter pricing down some old stock 

The Moon's A Balloon, two copies of Every Loser Wins, Noel's Blobbyland Deluxe Edition 

There's not much left on the doorstep recently 

"Something to do with eBay", Johnny reckons 

He's bidding on it now for a Subbuteo catalog '81-'82 

He'll win it, put it in a draw, and forget he ever bought it 


Holding on to something 

And not knowing exactly what you're waiting for 




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Teenage winter coming down 

Teenage winter throws a gown 

Over every place I've been 

And every little dream 



The phone rings in Gary's flat: 

"Can I speak to Mr G. Staid, please?" 

He hangs up and takes Tony the milk 

"See you in the Hat And Fan at seven" 


Gary can't believe the Claremont Road pitch is going to be covered in executive housing 

He talks about the Newcastle game, Boncho's debut 

But Tony can hardly hear him 

They took the jukebox out, and the Aussie bar staff are playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers 

He tells them what he thinks 

Manages to keep it clean 

Buys another round 




Holding on to something 

And not knowing exactly what you're waiting for 


Mums with pushchairs outside Sainsburys 

Tears in their eyes 

They'll never buy a Gibb Brothers record again 

Their old 45s gathering dust 

The birthday cards they couldn't face throwing away 

Teenage winter coming down 

Teenage winter coming down 


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