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Psychiatrist Lyrics - Boogada Boogada Boogada - Screeching Weasel

Johnny got upset and drank a bottle of Sea Breeze 

Mommy figured out he wasn't too happy 

The family looks nice beu they're rotting inside 

They all hate eachother but nobody knows why 

So they go to the shrink he says, "You're very nice people 

but Johnny causes problems and negative feelings, he really needs help." 

and then mommy starts crying. 

"But if you give me your checkbook we can hospitalize him." 

CH: Made dependent on a doctor for your mental hell 

The ritulin pills are gonna make you well 

6 weeks of bliss, your emotional fix 

Then give daddy the bill for the therapy swill 

Your doc is your drug he's got your medication 

He gets through to you better when you're under sedation 

Something from your past that he won't let relax 

You wish you were dead but he makes your time last 

So you sit in the day room and watch a TV 

You're never alone, under close scrutiny 

Don't cause any problems, you'll end up on your back 

Chock full of thorazine and trapped like a rat 

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