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Sean Paul

Genres: Hip-Hop

Top Shotter Lyrics - Sean Paul


Rrrrrgh, uh, uh-huh 

Uh. uhh uhh, uh-huh 

Here comes the boom [8X] 




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Here comes the boom! Boomin, bouncin 

Stalkin, must walk in, hawk get to pouncin 

Get em where it counts and, hit em like a mountain 

Spit em have em spittin out, blood like a fountain 

Don't look at me like that, we just might fight black 

And that fight, might end up in me takin your life back 

I don't, go for the bullshit, cause I've been down 

and time is, just too important to be fuckin around 

Talk nigga, I stomp a mudhole in your face 

Motherfucker, rip your butthole out of place 

Cock the glock to your head, let off about two in it 

Yeah it's a dirty job, but I just love doin in 


Here comes the boom [8X] 


[reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas for next 50 seconds] 


Here comes the boom [8X] 


[more reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas] 



I did more kinds of war crimes more times 

than in war times, went way before times 

You know what's sad man, that I'm such a mad man 

bad man, with that BOOM you never had man 


Here comes the boom [8X] 


[more reggae chatting by Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas] 


Here comes the boom [repeat to fade] 


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