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What Do They Know Lyrics - Shakka

Look, I bet they don't know much 

Say they've got drive 

But they don't know clutch 

They say they've got heart 

But they don't know love 

They be-leave me be 

Because they don't know buzz 

Everyone will say, 

"You should've done it like this" 

But congratulate you 

When you does it like that 

They're saying if I wanna be big 

I've got to have the same vibe as 'Pac 

No, only Chris-damn-Biggie 

Or P-done-Diddy, or Wayne-done-ditty 

So I'm gonna do me on my track 

Run with me, all of my beats say, 

"Wow, I love Weezy," yeah 

My mother told me do I 

So that's the only advice I follow 

True that, sound ignorant 

But I just got my own mind 

That's your opinion 

And if it is, I don't mind 

Ones you know nothing 

Are always the ones to say something 

Every different option 

Will probably make sense out of nonsense 

What do they know, they know 

They know, they know, they don't 

Yeah, and look, they tell you how to live 

Even if it's making you die 

I know it sounds mad 

But I am going to tell you how it is 

That's how I made it in life 

Sometimes you know 

Where you want to go 

Just ain't got a clue as to get there 

The only shortcut is hard work 

And that's why you chill 

When you get there 

That's why I am pushing on the break 

Still pushing for my break 

Still pushing in my legs 

Still wishing for the day when anyone I know 

Ain't thinking that I've changed 

Yeah, I'm like, "Look, dawg, you're blown" 

When everyone is saying 

"You've got God, you're sold" 

And I'm still on the same road 

But they can have opinions 

What do they know 

Do this, do that, make crime, don't grab 

Get signed, go plat, I know, I know 

So what do they know 

The ones you know nothing about 

Are always the ones that say something 

What do they know, they know 

Tell me what do they know 

They know, they know 

They don't, they don't 




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