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And I Let The Sun Go Down Lyrics - Singles - Shakra

When I run into the heat I'm longin' for the cold 

When I walk on crowded streets I'd rather be alone 

Yes, I know I shouldn't think about the things I had 

What can I do, what can I say - this morning things look bad 


Could have been a hero 

Could have been a star 

Now I start from zero 

And I won't get far 


I let the sun go down 

I don't really feel alive 

And let the sun go down 

While I walk in darkest night 


The more I step into the dark 

the more I close my eyes 

Every step could be my last - should I laugh or cry 

We all need a place to stay, but I wonder where 

'cause if pain's a part of life joy must be a part of death 

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