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Genres: Rock

Sod The Neighbours Lyrics - Shampoo

Hearing the Music 

Banging The Wall 

Drive Yourself Crazy 

You Silly Old Fool 

Coming Around Here 

Saying You're Piece 

If We Don't Shup Up 

You'll Call The Police 


Chorus #1 

Blast Them Out 

Wake Them Up 

We Really Really Piss 'em Off 

Sod The Naighbores 

I'm Playing My Stereo 

Do You Want Some 

C'mon Then 'Ave A Go 

What's Your Problem? 

I Don't Really Wanna Know... 

Turn Down Your Hearing Aid... 


You're Not Original, 

You're Just As Bad, 

Like You Didn't Do It 

When You Were, A Lad, 

Get Lost You Loser, 

Piss Off You Git, 

Get Stuffed Old Bird, 

Stop Having A Fit... 


Chorus #1 x1 


Chorus #2 

Dirty Old Perv Peering Through Your Window, 

Granny Features Phones For Noise Patrol, 

Sod The Neighbours, We're Playin' Our Stereo, 

Turn Down Your Hearing Aids 


Turn Down Your Hearing Aids 


It's Half Ten, Half Ten 

Late Again, And 

He's Ranting And Raving, 

Gets The Door Slammed In His Face! 


Shut Up! 


Turn It Down! 


Chorus #1 x1 


Chorus #2 x1 


Na-Na-Na-Na Na Na Na-Na x3 


Na Na Na Na Na 

Na-Na-Na-Na Na Na Na-Na-Na *Till End*