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They're All About You Lyrics - Singles - Shane Yellowbird

songs come on my radio 

some are fast and some are slow 

some about sunshine some about rain 

but to this old heart they sound the same 

even though love notes and words might change 


they're all about you 

those kisses underneath the 

those angel eyes and open 

they're all about you 


layin at night in this big old bed 

a million thoughts run through my head 

sometimes i cant even sleep 

your memory wont let me be 

even if i drift off to dream 


they're all about you 

i close my eyes and all i see is you 

yeah your the star of every 

they're all about you 


conversations all begin with "hey whats up" and "how you been" but by the time they end they're all about you 

revelatons late at night 

wishes tossed up to the sky 

best moments of my life 

they're all about you 



it doesnt matter what it 

oh its a fight that i cant win 

every scene and every song 

girl the list goes on and on 

every night girl every dream 

every thought and everything 

they're all about you 

yeah all about you 

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