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Shania Twain

Genres: Country

Let's Go! Lyrics - Shania Twain

(oh na, na, na) 


She hosts a t.v. show--she rides the rodeo 

She plays the bass in a band 

She's an astronaut-- 

A valet at the parking lot 

A farmer working the land 

She is a champion--she gets the gold 

She's a ballerina--the star of the show 



She's--not--just a pretty face 

She's--got--everything it takes 

She has a fashion line-- 

A journalist for "time" 

Coaches a football team 

She's a geologist--a romance novelist 

She is a mother of three 

She is a soldier--she is a wife 

She is a surgeon--she'll save your life 




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She's--not--just a pretty face 

She's--got--everything it takes 

She's--mother--of the human race 

She's--not--just a pretty face 


Oh, oh, yeah 

Oh na, na, na, na..... 

She is your waitress--she is your judge-- 

She is your teacher 

She is every woman in the world 


Oh, la, la, la 

She flies an airplane-- 

She dirve a subway train 

At night she pumps gasoline 

She's on the council--she's on the board 

She's a politician--she praises the lord 


[repeat second chorus] 




No, she's (she's) not (not)-- 

Just a pretty face 

She's (she's) got (got)--everything it takes 

She's--not--just a pretty face 

She's got everything it takes 

She's not just a pretty face 

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