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Genres: Pop
Total songs: 11
Year: 2016

Moods Baby Moods

  1. 1. Well But Strangely Hung Man one year ago
  2. 2. The Hospital Grounds At Night one year ago
  3. 3. Nightmares one year ago
  4. 4. My Little Death one year ago
  5. 5. Reject Of The Lowest Planet one year ago
  6. 6. Dead Meat On The Beach one year ago
  7. 7. Moods one year ago
  8. 8. Needs one year ago
  9. 9. Check Out one year ago
  10. 10. White Cops On Trial one year ago
  11. 11. Modern Age one year ago

Other Sonny & The Sunsets's Album

Moods Baby Moods

Songs: 11

Year: 2016

Talent Night At The Ashram

Songs: 10

Year: 2014