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Stafford Brothers

Genres: Electronic

Love Cliche Lyrics - Stafford Brothers

Here you go mate You're like all at once and nothing else I've ever seen, 

You keep me up at night You're louder than the light. 

Bigger than a fairytale and still a mystery. 


I've known you far too long. Still I don't know who you are. Hey hey hey hey 

Wish I could get you out of my head Hey hey hey hey 

But no one I'd rather see instead Hey hey hey hey 

You buzz like romance in my head Like the singer in my favorite band 


Like the sweetest summer day 

You take all the burn away 

You're my Paris, Rome, LA And every other love cliche ; 




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You don't even know how beautiful you really are 

All fantasies at once 

All fantasies at once 

Like fifty shades of grey if all my feelings would be dreams 

What difference does it make I'd even love you as a fake.: 



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