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Steven Universe

Genres: Other

What Do I Do Lyrics - Steven Universe

Everybody told me gem stuff was dangerous, 

I guess I didn't believe it until now, 

dad always seemed apprehensive 

and now he's really freaking out- 

what do I do 

I don't want that for you... 



Everybody tells me life is precious 

I guess I didn't believe it 

and that means you 

when I have to protect you 

what if somehow you get hurt- 

what do I do 

I don't want that for you.. 


Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh 




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What am i going to tell you 

your better off not knowing the trouble I'm in 

I don't want you to worry 

About what I just seen 

about where I've been 

you don't have to be apart of this 

I don't think I want you to be 

you don't need this 

you don't need me 

Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh (x3) 

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