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Genres: Country

Baby Just Go Lyrics - Sugarland

Shes been sitting there, 

Waiting for her phone to ring, 

You dont want to admit to 

This Loving thing, 

Im not doing this again, 

It cant be like were friends, 

Baby, why cant you see? 

You love her, not me. 

Baby, just go. 




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I cant live in a lie, 

My love for you will slowly die, 

Please go away, 

I wont ask you to stay. 

Baby, its No, Baby, Just Go. 

I wont do this any more, 

I have been there before. 

You promised me it would last 

Now its memories of the past 

No, No, No, NO ooooooh, oooooooh, 

Baby, just go. 




I wont play second string 

I have given you, everything. 

I have to let you go, 

There was nothing to show, 

Now, our love is dead, 

Go back to her bed 

Please leave me alone, 

Ill be alright on my own. 

Now that you are gone, Im carrying on. 

Im not on my knees, 

Im begging you please 

Baby, just go. 


I cant live in a lie, 

My love for you will slowly die, 

I have found someone new 

And his love is true 

Now, I have something to show, 

Im glad I made you go. 

Yeah, Yeah, Oh Oh, OOOOOO 

--- Baby, Just go---, 

Lyrics: By: Kathie Otterson 

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